Campus Ministry

To UU Students:

Don’t hesitate to reach out! If you are a UU student at a NYC-area college/university and would like to connect with our congregation to build UU community on campus and between your campus and the congregation, contact us at fuubcampusmin at We also welcome you to attend Sunday worship and get involved in the fellowship, education, and leadership of the congregation.
To the Congregation – October 2011:

If your child were leaving today for the adventure of college, wouldn’t you wish that somewhere on that destination campus there’d be a friendly group of UUs to welcome them?  To invite them to a gathering, to put a care package in their arms, to introduce them to fellow UUs?

First U is delighted to announce that a new group has formed to continue sharing  ministry with students at NYU.  The Campus Ministry Committee wishes to build upon a foundation of sustainable ministry for UU students who attend school on the NYU campus, and to invite new young adults to experience UUism for the first time.

Campus Ministry is an on-campus spiritual and pastoral resource that helps students stay  connected with the  UU community during their college careers.  With the demands of academic life, it isn’t always possible for students to find and attend a church, and as we know,  many young people drift away from UUism during this time in their lives.

Our hope is to build a ministry that will sustain students not only in their faith but in more practical ways, such as good counsel, community building, and especially that most needed fuel– food!   Working with the Office of Student Life and with the students themselves, we want to help maintain a space on the NYU campus that’s sacred, safe, nourishing, and welcoming.   The idea will be for a core group of Brooklyn UUs to meet regularly with the students to provide worship opportunities as well as fellowship and a general helping hand.

There are many ways for all of us to be involved.   In the coming months we’ll be meeting  NYU students and asking them to help us frame a mutual vision of ministry.  This fall will be all about relationship and commitment building with these young people.

We plan to hold several “cottage meetings” for people interested in participating.  If you can cook (or put a good snack together), assemble a care package, design an inviting flyer, create or donate objects for a worship space, tell a story, give a lift, play or teach some music, lead another cool activity, or just lend a caring ear to a young person away from home, we’d love to talk to you.

Please come to our first Campus Ministry Conversation on Sunday, November 13, after worship, and we’ll get you connected!

Contact us anytime at fuubcampusmin at