Women’s Leadership Alliance

The Women’s Leadership Alliance began as the Female Samaritan Society in 1838 to assist the congregation and the community. Women were not allowed to attend annual meetings of the congregation until 1848. Since that time WLA has continued as an independent organization within First UU emphasizing the importance of women’s issues and voices, supporting local and national groups who advocate for women’s rights, providing educational and mentoring activities and supporting women as ministers.

Statement of Purpose

1. Fostering and encouraging the expression of women’s interests,

2. Developing women and girls to be leaders,

3. Assisting women in their growth toward self-realization,

4. Promoting the sisterhood of women,

5. Supporting the mission of the congregation, UUWA and UUWF.


Events 2016-17


October 20:            Welcome Shari Halliday-Quan

November 6:           Mental Illness Challenges forum

January 20:            Antonia’s Line film

February 10 :         Supreme Price film

March 24:               Killing Us Softly film     

April 21:                   Yarn film

March 18:                 Speak Up, Speak Out Seminar

April 3                       Phoenix Project dinner

April 23:                    Annual Meeting

Executive Board Meeting, third Thursday of each month

Book Group meetings, second Monday of each month

Educational Leadership Grants

Miriam Campobasso funds

Be sociable, please share!
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  1. Kay Corkett permalink
    January 4, 2017

    So interesting and informative to read an introduction to the Women’s Alliance and the programs offered in 2016-17. Look forward to attending those planned for 2017.

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