Introductory Racial Justice Awareness Workshop – Sunday, Feb. 24th 12:45 PM

2013 February 14
by rpearl

Begin the conversation on the topic covered in our forum “The New Jim Crow”.

This workshop will be based on the principles used in the UUA’s Anti-Racism Transformation Teams and Anti-Racism Training Jubilee Workshops. We will discuss an analysis of the powers of racism,  and how it manifests institutionally. What makes it such an integral part of our society?  How do we recognize it, and evaluate it in order to ultimately eliminate it?  How do we focus a Unitarian Universalist anti-oppression lens on today’s world?  This workshop to begin the conversation is open to all members and friends of our congregation. No admission fee. Sponsored by Weaving the Fabric of Diversity.  For more information contact Rita Pearl  646-7527566

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