Weaving the Fabric of Diversity is a committee dedicated to promoting social justice and anti-racism through activities both within our congregation and in the wider community. We hold public educational forums, and organize and participate in advocacy and direct action in support of civil rights and human rights, in all their manifestations.  We make ties with the wider community. On the third Sunday in June we organize a yearly Juneteenth religious service followed by a street picnic to commemorate the date when the last slaves in the United States found out they had been freed.

Through these events and actions we seek to put into practice our Unitarian principles, especially the covenant “to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person.”  We meet at 7:00 pm on the second Thursday of the month from September through May. Our meetings are open to members and friends of the congregation.


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Juneteenth lunch



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WHERE DO WE STAND NOW? Forum on Police Authority – Saturday, April 5th, 2:00-5:00 PM

2014 March 5
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by DoMC
Weaving the Fabric of Diversity (WFD) will be hosting a forum, April 5th, on the broad issue of police abuse of authority in New York City. With a new mayor, and a new chief of police where do we stand now? WFD poses this as a broad question, framed to consider many different viewpoints. Guest |...|

GALA DINNER WITH ENTERTAINMENT – Saturday, March 29th, 6:00-11:00PM

2014 February 18
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by DoMC
All are invited to our 4th annual : GALA DINNER WITH ENTERTAINMENT to provide DIRECT AID TO HAITI.  Solidarity –not Charity. The funds raised at this event, will be used to build hometown projects in communities in the South East of Haiti.  Tickets $25 each. This year many of the projects will have special emphasis |...|

Battered Pride in Brooklyn – Saturday, February 15th, 2-5PM

2014 January 15
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by DoMC
Weaving the Fabric of Diversity will sponsor a Public Anti-Violence Forum for the LGBTQ Community and their Allies in the Donald McKinney Chapel. Now that Same Sex Marriage has become legal in 18 States, more than one third of all Gay Americans have rights that seemed impossible 25 years ago. And yet with all this progress, violence against |...|

Sunday, January 4th, 1-2PM, Forum – Untouchability in India

2013 December 9
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by DoMC

Young women in Gujarat enjoying a monsoon

Join us for a presentation and discussion on caste in India, the ongoing atrocities committed against those branded as Untouchables, and the brave struggles of activists building power among the oppressed. Sponsored by the Weaving the Fabric of Diversity Committee. Speakers: Derek Mitchell Unitarian Universalist |...|

Sunday, Nov. 3rd – Symposium On The Selling Of Public Assets – 2-4 PM in the Chapel

2013 October 26
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by rpearl
Citizens Defending Libraries, in concert with Weaving the Fabric of Diversity Committee,  hosting a public symposium in order explore the issue of the sale of public assets  Since February, Citizens Defending Defending Libraries (CDL) has been working hard to prevent the City’s sell-off of NYC public libraries and other public assets without public debate.  At |...|