Sara Gush Joins First U Staff as Women’s Leadership Alliance Seminarian

2018 August 14
by DoMC

August 14, 2018

Hello Friends!

My name is Sara Gush, and I will be joining First Unitarian as the Women’s Leadership Alliance Seminarian. I will be working alongside Meagan Henry, your Director of Education and Family Ministry in Religious Education Ministries throughout the 2018-19 congregational year. I am a student at Union Theological Seminary and an aspirant to the Unitarian Universalist Ministry. 

I am from Chapel Hill, North Carolina; where I worked in the public school system and served my home congregation as the Religious Education Assistant before coming to New York. I run a UU summer camp in rural North Carolina and hold a deep commitment to children and youth ministry. 

I live in Manhattan with my sister, Savanna, and one of our family’s dogs, Barnaby. I am an avid consumer of fiction and coffee and have an appreciation for good pens. I love games and look forward to teaching and learning a few this year! 



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