The Soul’s Journey in the Physical World by Christopher Johnson

2018 September 2
by DoMC

The Soul’s Journey in the Physical World
Christopher Johnson
The First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn
September 2, 2018


I have always been fascinated by esoteric teachings of different religious faiths that teach us to expand our level of perception through intuition and sensitivity. As a result of this fascination, I have devoted a good part of my life in experiential study in this area.

Today we are speaking about the journey the soul takes in the physical world. Different religions have different ideas regarding the soul, but the general idea is that it is the energetic essence of a person that exists beyond the physical body. The soul comes into a physical body for experience and growth related to raising its vibrational frequency. Any act of love received or given no matter how small momentarily raises our vibrational frequency.

Geneses 2:7 states: And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostril’s the breath of life; and he became a living soul.

Generally speaking, the soul leaves the physical plane of existence, when it has learned or experienced previously determined lessons. There are exceptions to this such as some suicides. Depending on many circumstances, the soul can sometimes be seen, communicated with, or perceived by persons after its physical death, especially during the period prior to its transition from the physical world. Perhaps someone here has felt the presence of, or communicated with someone close, after having passed on. I have had several personal experiences regarding this. Again, depending on religious beliefs, the level of enlightenment attained during it’s time on earth, will determine where the soul journeys next.

Jesus says according to John 14:2, In my father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

The soul is not limited to physical incarceration until death, as most persons believe. Think for a moment about near death experience stories. A persons physical body is on the operating table while the soul is hovering above watching the operation, the people; the circumstances. The person is able to recount the events that happened as well as a spiritual experience after recovery. Sometimes, these experiences are life changing. There are many stories such as this. But this is not where the story ends. The soul is a part of divine expression and as such it has within it undeveloped or perhaps unremembered abilities. With training, the soul is able to see and explore beyond the physical realm. This topic is too involved for discussion today.

There are those who do not believe in the existence of the soul. This has not been my experience. I can only comment that unbelief does not make it untrue.  

Through desire, the soul attracts to it life circumstances to help it evolve. Those areas within it, that are in a state of denial will attract magnetically, until those issues are resolved. Both happy and unhappy circumstances are teachers for the soul.


The soul comes into the physical body through the crown of the head by a beam or cord of silver white light energy that comes from high above. It projects itself into physical manifestation in this way.  Every human being has this cord of light that is connected to us from above. I know this to be true because I see it. I literally see it. I don’t see it when I am upset or involved in strenuous physical activity. I do see it during church services, or in times of prayer or when I feel close to God or nature, or when I am at the beach. At the same time, I see the energy field or aura surrounding the physical body. I rarely speak of my sensitivities. The only reason I mention this is so you do not think I am just mimicking someone else’s ideas or experience that was written down in a book. We have a soul and this is how it comes into manifestation.

Ecclesiastes 12:6,7 states: Or ever the silver cord be loosed; Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.

So the soul comes into the physical world through a physical body for growth and experience.  Part of this evolutionary educational process is to recognize how it’s vibrational frequency directly affects the physical world around it. The physical world it enters is not one of earth rock and water, but a world of light and energy, the same substances that make up the soul. Everything is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Through good and loving thoughts, emotions and actions, is one example of how the soul can raise or lower its vibrational field. In so doing, the soul has the ability to affect great change and healing in itself and others, as well as the physical world it currently and temporarily resides in.

Nikola Tesla said: If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

We are all familiar with thoughts, emotions and actions. They are parts of us that are usually in automatic pilot. As we learn to consciously control these parts of us, instead of controlling us, we elevate the soul to a place of power. So let’s explore practical examples of what we can do to raise the vibrational frequency of our energy field and improve the manifestation of our lives.  


Our thoughts are energy. Energy has the power to create. It is important that we consciously choose productive healthy thoughts and let unproductive unhealthy thoughts pass by. Let me give an example: If we type gibberish into a computer, we get gibberish on the screen. Likewise, if we allow and entertain all kinds of thoughts to enter our minds, all creative power is lost. Even worse, should we dwell on negativity that becomes our reality. Daily Meditation and prayer changes brain chemistry and raises the vibrational frequency of the person praying. Purposefully choosing a word or phrase to internally recite throughout the day has powerful effects on the subconscious mind. Positive affirmations like: I am powerful; I am powerful, powerful, powerful has the ability over time to change a person‘s view of himself from that of a weak person to a person of power. Likewise, if a person goes around all the time thinking I’m such an idiot, well, he will undoubtedly live up to his expectations of himself.


Emotions are powerful energy. If we attach emotional energy to directed thought it can be a prayer or a weapon. Let’s use two examples: #1 I have a child who is very sick. I, of course want my child to recover. So I get quiet within myself, as in a meditative state. I see my child healthy, playing, and full of life. The next step to this exercise is to feel deep love for my child as I see him playing, happy and full of life. I hold this emotional feeling image for a little while and then let it go. I have just offered up a powerful prayer for my child’s recovery. Not only have I offered a prayer, but I have taken a step toward raising my own vibrational level, by recognizing and utilizing more fully my potential. This of course is why the soul is here.

Gandhi said: A man is a product of his thoughts; what he thinks he becomes.

Example #2: I am very upset at someone. They have hurt me deeply in some way whether real or perceived. I keep thinking about that event and that person with the great emotions of hate and anger energy. I can’t seem to get the event and person out of my mind. I keep reliving the emotional hurt over and over.  Two things have happened. First, the person only hurt us once. It is us who keeps up this vicious cycle of hurt alive by going over it again and again. Second, what we are doing is a curse. We are thinking of that person with the emotional energy of anger and hate, and projecting it outward.  Just like our child, whether we realize it or not we have asked for something to manifest. And just so we are clear, everything we do and are returns to us. Both the light and darkness.

The way we raise our vibrational level in this second example is by consciously choosing a new model of behavior. This takes some work and practice. Of course, a person has to be ready for this level of change by first understanding that we magnetically attract life circumstances to us for our personal growth.  The old model: You hurt me; I want you to suffer as I have. The new model: You hurt me, but I wish to become an enlightened soul, by being only a channel of goodness. I know that doing so frees me and improves my life circumstances. Therefore, given the opportunity I will go out of my way to be good to you….. I didn’t say that this type of exercise for the soul was easy.  I have done this exact exercise on more than one occasion. And although difficult, it brought peace to my heart and emotionally disconnected me from unhappy situations. What we are really demonstrating here is the act of forgiveness.

Proverbs 8:36 says; But he who fails to find me injures himself; all who hate me love death.


Our personal actions are energy in motion. Every moment of every day we have the choice to make ourselves and our world a better, healthier, more evolved place through the medium of our actions.  Courage in the face of adversity has a strengthening effect on the soul, just as much as shrinking away from challenge weakens the soul. Please now think of an instance in our lives when we stepped up to fear. Was it not empowering? We felt more invincible as we came out the other side of fear. Now think of an instance when we allowed fear to control us. Did it not diminish us? We became weak and felt insignificant. Confronting fear transmutes darkness into light. Other actions such as kind words, kind gestures, or even a smile may have a much more profound effect on someone than we realize. Our actions may also have a positive ripple effect on an observer, whose truth we unknowingly touch. Any positive individual or unified action that allows more light to move through us, opens the heart. Opening the heart is the soul’s greatest teacher.  

 2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline.                                                                                                                                                               



Every episode in our lives educates the soul. We learn and grow through Loving experience and we learn and grow through unpleasant experience. I have found in my own journey that they are both good teachers. As for me, some of the most profound levels of transformation came about after living through intense life challenges. It is important to recognize these events as opportunities for soul growth. We should treat them as such and not allow them to harden our hearts. Raising our level of vibration through our life experience is why the soul is here. The soul is evolving. The soul is eternal. All human beings have a soul. The courageous soul is disciplined. It looks within and recognizes the unhealed parts of it and brings them to light so that they will not cloud the reflection of life. Life is perfect. It is a perfect mirror of our own vibrational frequency.  As we realize and express greater perfection through ourselves, we raise the vibrational frequency of the planet. The soul and the world are not separate. They are deeply connected. They are both manifestations and expressions of the Divine. 


When I was a boy, I wanted to hold on to love. I did not understand that love is energy. As a man I understand that I can only be a channel of Love energy. The more I give away Love energy, the more it returns to me and is reflected in my world .


When I was a boy, I hated the world around me. As a man I recognize that the world of form is simply a reflection of me. Now I just want to be the best me I can.


When I was a boy I had fear. I wanted to know how to be more courageous.  Now a man, anything that I find fearful, I face head on, and transmute fear into courage.


When I was a boy, I tried to create my life without help from anyone. I was extremely independent.  Now a man, I only follow my intuition, even if it goes against all rational thinking.


As a boy, I witnessed unhealthy relationships. I vowed to remain single. As a man I realize that emotional intimacy in loving relationships nurtures and elevates the soul. 

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