Worship Services are held every Sunday at 11:00AM.  We believe that worship is the center of spiritual life. At First Unitarian, worship seeks to express and explore the whole range of human experience. While services usually include familiar elements such as sermons, performed music and hymns, the content of sermons varies from atheism to Christianity, politics to literature, poetry to prose. We celebrate 5 ritual Communion Services each year.  Some of these have long histories at First U, others have come to us in recent years.  Each has a special place in our liturgical calendar.


The Second Sunday of each month, from October through June, is special at First Unitarian.  Our worship services feature jazz music, Rev. Ana preaches a sermon from her annual series and worship is followed by an all congregation Sabbath lunch. If you are experiencing First Unitarian for the first time, this is an especially wonderful time to join us.


Generally, our children attend the first 20-30 minutes of the worship service, which has elements that are designed to be engaging to younger congregants.  After the wisdom story, children attend their religious education classes, a monthly children's chapel or an all-ages justice Sunday. There are multi-generational worship services throughout the year.  High school youth remain in worship and meet in their group at 12:15PM.



If you are visiting us for the first time please see our newcomer's page for useful information. 


Summer services from mid-June through Labor Day weekend are held in the McKinney Chapel (next to the main building on Pierrepont street), and led by members of our congregation.  Proposals for summer services are generally reviewed by the Worship Committee in the Spring.  



Sermon: Technology & Religion: God As Virtuality

2018 October 14
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by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
“Open your eyes. You are a fisherman in the Pacific, a weaver in the Philippines, and a journalist on the front lines. You act with kindness; you fight with courage. You swim the depths of the oceans; you float the heights of the skies. You walk on top of the world and you are |...|

Sermon: Satyagraha

2018 October 7
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by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
When Christine Blasey Ford stood before the senate judiciary committee and swore to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” you could have heard a pin drop across this entire nation. People huddled together around laptops in offices and around TV screens in the suburbs. People stopped on the sidewalks |...|

Sermon: The Family Photo: Exposed by Meagan Henry

2018 September 30
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by First U Bklyn
What image comes to your mind when you hear the phrase, “family photo?” Imagine your family photo. Who is in the photo? How many people are there? Are animals included in your family photo? Is everyone wearing matching outfits? Where is the photo taken and what is the backdrop?   I recently read about |...|

Sermon: The Portable Gift Economy

2018 September 23
by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
Over the summer my family and I spent a week on a little island off the coast of Maine called Cranberry Island – the same one I talked about a couple years ago, for those of you who were here. We went back to this same island because we had loved it the first time |...|

Sermon: Lessons In Apology

2018 September 16
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Back in May, a man named Quai James made a video of a little four-year-old Hasidic boy in his neighborhood with Quai’s own voice making fun of the boy because of the boy’s haircut. The boy’s hair is shaved in some places, long in others, and he has peyot – the curly locks – |...|