In-Person Worship

Please read revised recommendations from the Covid Response Team as adopted by the Board of Trustees on February 21, 2022  With these recommendations we are protecting each other  —  particularly the elderly, immunocompromised members and friends, and children under 5, who cannot be vaccinated. 

  1. If you are not fully vaccinated or you are feeling unwell: Please stay home. (Fully vaccinated is 2 doses of Moderna or Pfizer or 1 dose of Johnson and Johnson.  Boosters for all who are eligible are strongly recommended).  We invite you to participate in the service on-line, now better than ever.  On-Line participation is on Facebook or Zoom.  For a zoom link, email by 9:00AM on Sunday morning.
  2. Please social distance leaving at least on pew between family units.
  3. Children under 5, who cannot be vaccinated, are welcome with facemasks.
  4. Everyone must wear a high quality face mask at all times in the Sanctuary and all other spaces of the building. Exceptions may be made for our soloists and worship leaders when singing or speaking.
  5. All adults and children or youths who are leading worship or teaching Sunday School — including choir, lay worship leaders, and staff — will be vaccinated, have provided proof of vaccination and, are frequently tested.
  6. Revised: Small group meetings: Small groups of up to 15 participants can meet in person in building areas that are well-ventilated.  Masks continue to be required at all in-person meetings but eating and drinking are permitted, provided masks are removed only when necessary and social distancing is maintained. This doesn’t include the sanctuary, which continues to be a fully-masked zone. Small group leaders will relay a statement in advance of meetings and read it at the beginning of meetings to remind participants of the COVID safety policy.
  7. Revised: Choir members must continue to use masks during rehearsal and the service. For rehearsal breaks, the choir may use the chapel area for rest, drinks and snacks, rather than the kitchen. Masks should be removed only when necessary, and social distancing is maintained. Choir members are requested to avoid the kitchen and undercroft areas that are used by childcare staff and RE volunteers.

Safety is our priority. These protocols may be changed with minimal notice if CDC, NY State, or NY City guidance changes.   


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