Meagan Henry, Director of Education & Family Ministry


Meagan has over 17 years of experience in Religious Education.  She studied World Religions in college and has a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies from the University of TN, Knoxville. She was an adjunct professor at UTK for three after graduation and taught several classes on Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam. While attending the University and teaching religion classes, she served as the part-time Youth Ministry Coordinator at the Tennessee Valley UU Church. Meagan and her husband, James, were married at TVUUC and her daughter, Starling, grew up in the RE program. In July of 2006, Meagan and James moved to Alexandria, VA where she served as the Director of Religious Education (DRE) at the Mt. Vernon Unitarian Church for 6 years. Following that, she served as the DRE at All Souls Unitarian in Washington, DC for 15 months before moving to Brooklyn. 

 Meagan is passionate about UU religious education. She is a lifelong UU, raised at the Meadville Unitarian church in Northwestern Pennsylvania. From ages 8 – 14, Meagan, spent her summers at The Mountain Center, a UU camp in the mountains of Western North Carolina where her father and step-mother served on the staff. Her UU summer camp experience was deeply formative and she has been something of a nature-lover and outdoor adventurer ever since. Meagan enjoys hiking, camping, canoeing and kayaking. Being in nature is one of the ways she grounds herself and finds spiritual inspiration. She believes we never stop learning and growing and developing our spiritual selves, and as such, she is an advocate of holistic, life-long faith formation.