The First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn is a joyful, caring, religious community that inspires and empowers people to Grow spiritually, Care for one another, and Work for social justice and stewardship of the earth.

We worship every Sunday at 11:00AM in our historic Gothic Revival Sanctuary on Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights.


This is My Religion from Joe Gabriel on Vimeo.

 This is a countercultural vision of a world where religion can be a powerful force for good that unites us instead of divides us. #ThisIsMyReligion

Sunday, April 30th, Coming of Age Worship Service

We are now Live Streaming many of our worship services on our Facebook page.  Streams begin at approximately 10:58AM and are available to view for at least 24 hours.

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Two Thieves, Four Nuns, Seven Monks, and Us: Good Friday in This Place and Time

2017 April 29
Listen Here 17 April 2017 Two Thieves, Four Nuns, Seven Monks, and Us: Good Friday in This Place and Time The Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy Mason  Worldwide, the central icon of the Christianity is the cross. Yet there is considerable variability in its form – the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches venerate the Crucifix, |...|

Sermon: Ally To The Children

2017 April 23
by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
I’ve discovered that when you’re a parent, you have to be ready to field existential questions pretty early on, like, “Why is there poison ivy?” The real question of course is an indignant one, “Why should there be something in the world that seems to exist only to make our lives worse?” It’s a |...|

Sermon: Don’t Knock (Just Walk On In)

2017 April 16
by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
If you live in a house or small apartment building, you may use those big 30-gallon clear plastic recycling bags for your recycling. Now, clear plastic recycling bags usually come in a cardboard box. And eventually that cardboard box, since it’s recyclable, winds up inside a clear plastic recycling bag. I always get a |...|

Homily: Watering The Desert Of Meaning

2017 April 9
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by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
There’s some speculation that Pepsi had the apology written in advance. This is the apology for the ad a few days ago in which the images of today’s resistance movement are used to sell Pepsi – millennial multicultural people marching together with peace signs, artists, musicians, a Muslim woman in a headscarf – these |...|

Saying Yes – In Spite of Everything by, Kelly Murphy Mason

2017 March 28
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by DoMC
SAYING YES – IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING Sunday Sermon 27 February 2011 First Unitarian, Brooklyn, NY   In 1977, in Berkeley, California, Viennese psychiatrist Viktor Frankl was given the Albert Schweitzer award for embodying the spiritual quality that Dr. Schweitzer himself dubbed “reverence for life”. The award was presented by the past president of the |...|

Homily, part 2: Anger Management by Ana Levy-Lyons

2017 March 5
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by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
Dale’s beautiful, raw story of his own anger and despair is a story I’m hearing from many of you in different versions these days. And I’m feeling it myself. As many of you know, this past Tuesday someone carved swastikas and white nationalist slogans into the wooden front doors of our sister church, 4th |...|

Homily, part 1: The Permanence Of Injustice by Dale Ho

2017 March 5
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by First U Bklyn
I was furious. It was a Friday night, about a month ago. I broke a Date Night rule and fiddled with my phone on the way to the restroom. I scrolled through the news, and was horrified by what I read: travelers, refugees, even green card holders from 7 predominantly Muslim countries were immediately |...|

The Journey Home

2017 February 19
by First U Bklyn
The Journey Home – February 19, 2017 – First Unitarian of Brooklyn Kevin Jagoe, Ministerial Intern I have been looking for Home for most of my life. I grew up in a small town in the Midwest where I was raised by my mother and grandmother. I occasionally saw my father and I had |...|

Stewardship Sunday Remarks by Kevin Jagoe, Lee Pardee, Parrish Turner, Joy Gabriel

2017 February 5
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by First U Bklyn
All of Us, Part 1 – Kevin Jagoe, Ministerial Intern  Rebellions are built on hope. You have seen images of this amazing community this morning and soon you will hear from several of our members. Classes taught, youth group activities, worship services, choir performances, our spectacular building that holds so much of this. |...|

Sermon: Real Sanctuary By Rev. Ana Levy-Lyons

2017 January 29
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by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
Real Sanctuary Ana Levy-Lyons           January 29th, 2017 First Unitarian, Brooklyn   The nausea that many of us are feeling these days is not because of the victory of one person or one political party. It is not about any one executive order or one bill in congress. It’s not only about the people who |...|