The First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn is a joyful, caring, religious community that inspires and empowers people to Grow spiritually, Care for one another, and Work for social justice and stewardship of the earth.

We worship every Sunday at 11:00AM in our historic Gothic Revival Sanctuary on Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights. 

Sunday, October 23rd - Rev. Ana Levy-Lyons will preach, "Beginner's Luck".  All are welcome to stay for a tour of our Historic Sanctuary.

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Sermon: Stories of Humans and the Earth: Noah’s Ark

2016 October 9
by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
Those of you who went to Sunday school or Hebrew school when you were kids may have happy images in your head of Noah and the Ark – the smiling giraffes and cows and lions going, two by two up the ramp into the big boat, Noah and his family waving like they’re going on |...|

Sermon: Following The Heart-Shaped Path By, Kevin Jagoe

2016 October 2
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by First U Bklyn
Kevin Jagoe, Ministerial Intern We will explore the challenges and deep rewards of caring for others and ourselves. How does caring deepen our community here at First U and help us live our lives more fully?

Sermon: The Best Of All Possible Worlds

2016 September 25
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by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
Astrophysicists these days like to say that there is not just one universe, but many. That’s if by “universe” you mean everything you could possibly see, reach, know about, get to, or that could possibly affect you in even the slightest way. Anything outside of this area is beyond what they call our “cosmic |...|

Homily: Green World Rising: The Climate Mobilization by, Daniela Gioseffi

2016 September 21
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by DoMC
GREEN WORLD RISING: The Climate Mobilization Homily: 7/24/16: Delivered to First UU Society of Brooklyn: by poet, climate activist, American Book Award winning author, and speaker, Daniela Gioseffi. Author of On Prejudice: A Global Perspective (Anchor, Doubleday, 1993)) that included Al Gore’s early essay on Environmental Racism. Daniela also anthologized Petra Kelly of the Green |...|

Sermon: Flow, Part 2

2016 September 18
by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
Jack Kramer is a welder. He works in a South Chicago plant where they assemble railroad cars. He’s in his sixties and he works with about 200 other people in a room full of noisy machines raising and lowering giant metal plates all day, surrounded by sprays of sparks. In the summer it’s roasting |...|

Sermon: Flow, Part 1, by Rev. Ana Levy-Lyons

2016 September 11
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by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
Who here likes mosquitoes? Anybody? I don’t either. If there’s any mosquito within a mile, it’s going to find me and bite me. Most people don’t like them. But most people can’t do anything about them. In fact, in Florida and Puerto Rico, people really, really want to get rid of them right now |...|

Homily: The Healing Power of Breath, By Erik Hooks

2016 August 31
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by DoMC
The Healing Power of the Breath First Unitarian Congregational Society August 21, 2016 Human, all too human is a familiar lament.  Nietzsche’s full title was Human All Too Human, a Book for Free Spirits.  Let’s use a spirit of free inquiry to examine the biological roots of our condition. Our distant ancestors crawled out of |...|

An Amazing Singularity: Good Friday Sermon – The Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy Mason

2016 July 6
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An Amazing Singularity Good Friday Sermon The Rev. Dr. Kelly Murphy Mason March 25th, 2016   There’s an amazing singularity to Good Friday – and not just at First Unitarian Brooklyn, where you hold your annual communion service, but throughout Christendom. This holy day occupies a special place in the church year, marking the betrayal, |...|

Homily: The Way of the Whoosh – the Power of Spirit

2016 June 29
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by DoMC
The Way of the Whoosh – the Power of Spirit By, Nancy Witherell June 26, 2016 I am so happy to be standing here in front of you, giving back a fraction of what this community has given to me.   I’m here today because of a whoosh.  I bet you are wondering what in heck |...|

Sermon: Going On All The Rides

2016 June 12
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by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
When I’m trying to get my kids to taste a new food, I often give them the following speech: “Life is like Coney Island. There are all different kinds of rides. Big rides, small rides, fast rides, slow rides. Some of them go up and some go down and some go round and round. |...|