We believe that music is at the very heart of the worship experience. Every Sunday we enjoy performed music as well as congregational singing. The music we hear and sing varies from week to week. On any given Sunday we may hear sacred and secular music, art songs, world music, gospel, folk, jazz or Broadway tunes.Each Second Sunday of the month we have a jazz worship service, led by our music director, Adam Podd, and and a 5-piece band made up some of NYC’s best and brightest musicians.

A note from our Music Director, Adam Podd, about music in worship:

“I’ve grown to treasure church music, my experience with it, and the songs and pieces it has led and introduced me to. I believe music’s role in the worship service is a powerful one, and can vary, not only from one church to another, but also from one service to the next. I take seriously my responsibility of finding and presenting high quality music that brings life, passion, meaning, and beauty to a worship service. I also value the importance of continuing the ancient tradition of improvisation in the church.  I’ve found that leaving room for inspiration, combined with those elements that have been carefully prepared, is what makes for the deepest and richest worship experience. In my eyes, the ability to listen and respond to a congregation’s energy is essential.”

The Choir, of about 25 voices, sings every week from September through June and is open to anyone who is interested in performing great choral music of the past and present, from many sources and traditions. Singing in the choir is a fun and rewarding way to become involved in the church community.

Interested in singing with the choir? Here’s what you need to know for now:

We practice on Sunday mornings only at 9:00 AM. (no weeknight rehearsal)

                – most weeks we meet in the McKinney Chapel (next door to the main entrance of the larger sanctuary – to the right as you face the church from the street)

                – on the second Sunday of the month we meet in the Sanctuary, so just come up in up the center steps and through the front doors.

If you’re a member or friend of the congregation with other musical abilities you’d like to contribute to worship services, get in touch with Adam. 

Are you a visitor who wants to sing with us on a Sunday morning?

if you read music, at least a little, and have sung in choirs before, you’re welcome to pop in and join our choir while you’re here visiting! Some Sundays we’ll all be looking at that day’s choir piece for the first time together, but other weeks our choir will have already spent some time in previous rehearsals preparing. If you’re willing to give it a shot and go with the flow, come on by. A heads up would be nice but not essential to participate 🙂 Email Adam Podd



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