Caring at First U

Community is the spirit, the guiding light of the tribe,
whereby people come together in order to fulfill a specific purpose,
to help others fulfill their purpose, and to take care of one another.

— Sobonfu Somé

What is a Caring Ministry?

Caring at First U (sometimes referred to as Pastoral Care) encompasses all of our ministries that are focused on caring for one another in our congregation.  Caring ministries expand our congregational circles through a variety of activities and involvement.

In Need of Care?

If you are in the midst of transition or in need of support, there are multiple ways to reach out to the Caring Ministry.

  • Complete our online Care Request Form
  • Send an email to
  • Speak with a member of the Caring Ministry immediately following Sunday services in the Chapel of All Faiths – the right side aisle chapel in the Sanctuary.

Get Involved!

Caring Ministry meetings happen monthly on the first Sunday of the month at 2:00PM.

If you would like to sign up to help support others in our congregation, please fill out our google form.

A few of the ways you can help are described below.

Caring Ministry Activities:

  • Facilitate or participate in a group focused on caring for one another (examples: Caregivers Support Group, Depression and Anxiety Support Group, New & Expecting Parents Group)

  • Send cards or emails of support and caring to members in need

  • Be part of our craft ministry, making shawls and other knitted or crocheted items as gifts to members in need of a little extra warmth

  • Make phone calls or visit members who cannot be at Sunday services

  • Help prepare and/or deliver food

  • Help coordinate care requests and match them to members who can provide what is needed.

  • Give rides to people who need a little extra help getting to a doctor’s appointment or to worship services.

Caring Ministry Roles:

  • Provider: visits, calls, groups, conversations, cards, emails

  • Coordinator: help update referral resources, track needs, connect providers with those in need

  • Creator: help make or gather material to support caring ministries

For more information contact The caring team at

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