Worship Services are held every Sunday at 11:00AM.  We believe that worship is the center of spiritual life,  both for individuals and communities. At First Unitarian in Brooklyn, worship seeks to express and explore the whole range of human experience. While services usually include familiar aspects such as sermons, performed music and hymns, the content of sermons varies from atheism to Christianity, politics to literature, poetry to prose. If you are visiting us for the first time please see our newcomer's page for useful information. 

Summer services from mid-June through Labor Day weekend are held in the McKinney Chapel (next to the main buildng on Pierrepont street), and led by members of our congregation.  Proposals for summer services are generally reviewed by the Worship Committee in the Spring.  Applications will  be posted on this page.


Sermon: Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

2015 January 11
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by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
  When the first Malaysia Airlines plane, flight 370, disappeared last March, it created a feeding frenzy for bloggers, tweeters, and conspiracy theorists. No one could understand why the pilot hadn’t radioed for help — why there was no communication at all before the plane disappeared off the map. Then there was the parade of |...|

Sermon: Prodigal Son, Prudent Son

2015 January 4
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by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
Prodigal Son, Prudent Son — Ana Levy-Lyons If life is going to be anything but excruciatingly boring for someone with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, he or she is going to need regular doses of high-intensity experiences. It takes more stimulation for their dopamine to kick in with that yummy pleasure and excitement feeling than it |...|

Sermon: A Great Miracle Happened There

2014 December 14
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by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
A kid comes up to her dad and says, “If you don’t believe in God, why do you go to synagogue all the time?” He says, “Oh, people go for all kinds of different reasons. Take my friend Garfinkle. He’s Orthodox. He goes to talk to God. Me, I go to talk to Garfinkle.”   |...|

Sermon: Non-judgment Day Is Coming

2014 December 7
by First U Bklyn
Non-Judgment Day is Coming Ana Levy-Lyons December 7, 2014 First Unitarian, Brooklyn You might have seen the bumper sticker or the t-shirt or the button that says, “Non-judgment day is coming.” It’s the kind of smug quip that would elicit an LOL if it were a text message, even though probably no one is |...|

Christmas Eve Worship at First Unitarian

2014 December 2
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by DoMC
The First Unitarian Congregational Society in Brooklyn Announces its Annual Christmas Eve Candlelight Service Family Service is Planned for 4:00PM

First Unitarian Choir

This year’s 5 o’clock Candlelight Christmas Eve program at First Unitarian will feature several new arrangements of traditional spirituals and carols, by First U’s new Music Director, Adam |...|