Worship Services are held every Sunday at 11:00AM.  We believe that worship is the center of spiritual life,  both for individuals and communities. At First Unitarian in Brooklyn, worship seeks to express and explore the whole range of human experience. While services usually include familiar elements such as sermons, performed music and hymns, the content of sermons varies from atheism to Christianity, politics to literature, poetry to prose. Services are followed with coffee and tea during our fellowship hour.  If you are visiting us for the first time please see our newcomer's page for useful information. 

Summer services from mid-June through Labor Day weekend are held in the McKinney Chapel (next to the main buildng on Pierrepont street), and led by members of our congregation.  Proposals for summer services are generally reviewed by the Worship Committee in the Spring.  Applications will  be posted on this page.


Sermon: Trouble the Waters

2015 October 4
by First U Bklyn
A young man arrives at his evening custodial job at the Montessori school down the street from his home in Fort Worth, TX. He’s been working here for seven years while in High School and college. His mother is the CEO and his sister is the principal of the school. When he arrives he’s told |...|

Sermon: Cheap Grace

2015 September 27
by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
Cheap Grace Ana Levy-Lyons September 27, 2015 First Unitarian, Brooklyn   In the early 20th century, Dietrich Bonheoffer was often lying awake at night. He was a Christian theologian and he was a liberal, but he was worried that the liberalization of theology had gone off the deep end. The Universalist idea of salvation |...|

Sermon: Forgiving Even When They’re Not Sorry

2015 September 20
by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
You gotta’ love the literary genre of apology notes by children. They’re so… real. Take this one, for example, from a kid whose mother stipulated that she had to write a four-sentence apology to her brother: “Dear Aaron, I’m sorry I kicked you. I’m sorry I kicked you. I’m sorry I kicked you. You’re |...|

Sermon: Making Holy Water

2015 September 13
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by Rev Ana Levy-Lyons
Human Powered Water Skiing Imagine a desolate, rocky place with no TV, no Facebook, no Twitter, and cellphone service that barely works. There’s no hot water except for occasional showers, which are strictly rationed. There are no cars, no subway, and nowhere to go anyway. You’re trapped there for a whole week. You’re separated |...|

Sermon: First Comes Love

2015 June 7
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by First U Bklyn
First Comes Love Ana Levy-Lyons June 7, 2015 First Unitarian, Brooklyn   When I was a little kid, I didn’t have just one imaginary friend, I had an entire jungle’s worth of imaginary animals. They would follow me around wherever I went – gazelles and elephants and chipmunks and opossums and snakes and lions and |...|