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Our second Unitarian Universalist principle call for us to work for justice, equity and compassion in human relations.  With this principle as our goal, we donate 50% of our monthly Sunday non-pledge offertory to non-profit organizations that work for justice in our local community and throughout the world.  Through the Share the Plate program we give away approximately $1,200 every month.

Members and friends of First Unitarian are invited to nominate organizations that complement our mission.  Nominations will be reviewed by our Share the Plate committee and, if selected, will be sent to the Board of Trustees for approval.  Share the plate recipients must have 501(c)3 status. To nominate an organization as a Share the Plate beneficiary click here. To review the Share the Plate policy, click here.

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  1. June 13, 2020

    There is an article in the summer issue of the UU World (I included the link) about a congregation that raised enough money to wipe out $4.2 million in medical debt in their part of the country,.  They did it in partnership with an organization called RIP Medical Debt.  Any group that wants to do this has to commit to raising a minimum of $15,000.  I know that’s about what we raise for Share the Plate for the whole year, but this might be an exciting whole-year Share the Plate idea – if not for FY21, maybe the following year.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some people would give more than usual for this so that we could reach the goal in less than a full year and could still have a couple of other Share the Plate recipients during the year.

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