Religious Education Curriculum

Religious Education Classes for Children and Youth 2022-2023

Our theme this year in RE is Unitarian Universalist Identity. We look forward to a wonderful year of in-person classes on Sundays!

Nursery (0-22 Months) & Toddlers (1.5 – 3 Years):

For our littlest ones, we have basic childcare that will ensure the safety and well-being of your child with our child care providers while parents attend the worship service

Pre-Kindergarten (ages 3 and 4):

Pre-K kids will be led through age appropriate activities and be encouraged and aided in early communication with their peers. Child care providers will also provide assistance managing conflicts that may arise while sharing, playing or participating in group activities like craft time.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Love Surrounds Us

Kindergarten and first graders will be taught Love Surrounds Us, a curriculum based upon the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism in a Beloved Community lens. It looks at the communities that they are part of at this stage of life like their school and home. Children will be led through activities that model how they can feel love and give love in said communities. At the end of the curriculum, children will understand all seven principles after listening to relevant stories and activities for each.

2nd & 3rd Grade: Moral Tales

This age group will learn about Moral Tales this year. Moral Tales helps children understand how to go about problem solving and decision making in difficult scenarios that may come across in life. Through stories or Moral Tales, they will begin to understand how to seek goodness and justice in conflicting circumstances and times of trouble. At the end of this curriculum, RE teachers hope to help children start to recognize a moral compass within themselves.

4th-6th Grade: Toolbox of Faith

Toolbox of Faith curriculum dives into the qualities that are integral to being a Unitarian Universalist. Integrity, courage and love are some of those. Each quality will be assigned a specific tool in a toolbox. The toolbox metaphor means these qualities will be presented to fourth, fifth and sixth graders in hopes they will assist them in all the future experiences that life has to offer and connect them to their own sense of faith.

7th & 8th Grade: OWL & Amazing Grace

This year, seventh and eighth graders will have some Sundays exploring OWL Curriculum and the other Sundays will be designated for the Tapestry of Faiths curriculum called Amazing Grace. See below for more detailed descriptions of each.

OWL (Our Whole Lives)

Our Whole Lives is a sexuality education program that was created with the intention to educate youth in an inclusive and progressive way about sexuality, health and relationships. The program was developed to dive into subject matters that are more likely to be not included in traditional health classes in public education such as sexual health for all genders and bodies and relationship and communication guidance at this stage in life.

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace will teach seventh and eighth graders how to distinguish right from wrong and how to put that to the test when appropriate situations arise. In middle school, peer pressure and challenging social situations are bound to happen. With this curriculum, youth will be able to navigate those waters better and be prepared for what is to come in high school as well. They will also develop an understanding of the importance their independence and decision making for themselves will be based upon how they identify with and practice Unitarian Universalism.

9th-12th Grade: Youth Group

The High School Youth meet each week after worship to discuss questions of faith, community, belonging, and identity, and to plan and carry out service activities. Our Director of Education and Family Ministry works directly with this group, along with the support of trusted adult advisors the adults engage in a model of collaborative leadership with the youth. The Youth Group leads one worship service each year for the congregation. Each summer, members of the group go on a Learning Immersion Journey and Service Trip to West Virginia. 

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